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Stockholm travelguide

Get Your Dream Vacation in Stockholm
Stockholm is known as the capital of Sweden and considered as the old largest city. It constituted its most populated urban zone in Scandinavia. The city became popular because of its beautiful tourist spots and rich culture. The city stands on fourteen islands surrounded by forests, parklands and beautiful beaches. This city is vibrant, comprising of edgy fashion, sleek designs and world class quality night bars. This is the primary reason why many people are planning to travel to Stockholm.
Spending your time, money and effort to go for vacation in Stockholm is a great worth. When is the perfect time to go for vacation in Stockholm? Summer is the perfect time to go to Stockholm because this place is rich in beautiful beaches. Sunlight will surely highlight the most beautiful sceneries in Stockholm. Another ideal time to take a vacation is on the month of June to August. If time forbid you to take vacation on summer because of your schedules, you also take a travel spring time between the month of May and June.
This is the largest city in Sweden that offers tourists many attractions especially in Scandinavian city. It provides everything you need including beautiful hotels (See hotelstockholm24.com for a hotel guide for Stockholm), royal places, gardens, resorts and more. This is a one stop place where you can enjoy without experiencing any hassle. Vacation in Stockholm is great place to treat yourself and your family.

Tourist Spots in Stockholm

• Stockholm is known globally because of their royal places. One of them is Kungliga Slottet which is one of the glorious palaces in northern Europe. During summer time, many people go to this place to witness some royalty activities. This is the perfect place to go during vacation in Stockholm.
• Another best place to go is Vasa Museum. It opens in 1990 and displays the Vasa. It is a remarkable warship that sank on its earliest expedition in 1628. This ship was found in early 1960’s and today, it is one of most famous tourist spots in Stockholm.
• You can also visit King’s Garden if you plan to have a vacation in Stockholm. This is the oldest park in the city. King’s garden was a vegetable garden for past decades. Today, this garden is a vibrant meeting place and a large space where concerts and some festival activities are made.
• Don’t forget also to put Stortorget square in your vacation in Stockholm place’s list. It is the most attractive square in the city. This square is in the form of heart and bordered by lovely patrician houses.
• You can also include Stadshuset in the places you will visit on your vacation in Stockholm. It is the city hall in Stockholm which is well-known one as the famous landmarks. It is made out of signature brick architectural designs.

There are lots of places to visit during vacation in Stockholm. This dream vacation provides stunning places imbued with its rich culture. Stockholm’s nightlife is lively as the Swedish loves rock and pop music. There are lots of bars playing live music. Nothing can surely compare to a dream vacation in Stockholm.